In developing our business plan, we easily identified our vision and the types of services we wanted to offer.  Creating a name for our agency proved to be much more difficult.  We spent countless hours putting together words to see how they resonated with what we wanted to convey.  The word “wellness” continued to come to the forefront.  

If you search the term “wellness”, you will find a number of different definitions and explanations.  It encompasses several dimensions including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental.  It can be evaluated on both an individual and organizational level.  Most importantly, wellness doesn’t just happen; it takes effort.  Wellness is an active process of making positive choices geared toward a healthy lifestyle.  Each person’s journey to wellness looks different.  Our goal is to help individuals, groups, and organizations define what wellness means to them and provide the support they need to achieve this.  

We know that growth and change happen through relationships.  This is where the term “connection” comes in.  We rely on positive relationships with people, places, beliefs, and ideas to define who we are and who we want to be. By supporting our clients in growing these relationships, we hope to empower them to build connections in all the dimensions of wellness.  

Finally, we added “of Iowa” to show our roots.  We were both born and raised in rural Iowa and believe strongly in giving back to communities that have shaped who we are today.